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When do I pay for my clothing?

Payment for your clothing is processed immediately when you place your order.

Is there an extra charge for large or tall sizes?

We charge a 10% premium for big and tall sizes.  Typically this is for clients that has a chest bigger than 45 inches around and above or a trouser USA size 44 and above.  Since we don’t deal with traditional sizes, if you are borderline, please discuss this with us and we’ll take care of you.

I don't live near any of your shops. Is still possible to place an order?

Absolutely! This is a common request and something we regularly do for clients who don’t live near a physical shop. There are a few methods we use to help produce a custom fitting garment. The method we choose depends on the body type of the client, preference and where you are located. Email us by using this schedule a fitting form and we can get started!


What types of cloth do you carry?

We  source from the best European mills in the world including, Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Ariston Napoli, Reda, Drago, Viana, and USW. This means there is no polyester or off-brand wools in any of our suit fabrics. Some are pure wool, cotton, linen, or cashmere while others may be various blends of the those materials along with silk, alpaca, and other luxurious materials. – We do offer starter suits out of our True Gentleman private collection for those who have a smaller budget. These fabrics are also great but do have polyester blends.

Can I buy suit separates?

Yes, you can purchase individual items. A single pair of trousers. A sport coat or blazer. A separate vest. Or a two or three-piece suit. It’s your choice.

Where are your products constructed?

We build our suits, shirts and coats in Thailand where were are able to be efficiant and involved in each step of the process.  Our shoes are crafted in the US through Allen Edmonds.

Is it possible to rush an order? My deadline is sooner than your normal lead time.

Absolutely! Rush orders can be accommodated depending on the time of year. Sometimes we are capable of rushing and delivering orders as fast as 10 days. Other factors such as current production volume and cloth availability are also important considerations. Please contact us for our current ability to accept a rush order as actual lead times vary depending on the time of year.  A 5%-10% surcharge will be added to your order.

Where are you located?


We are based in USA.

We have reps and are frequently in the listed cities so contact us for an appointment.

St. George UT

Las Vegas NV

Orange County CA

Los Angeles CA

Malibu CA

Bel Air CA

Denver CO

New York NY

Portland OR

Phoenix AZ

Scottsdale AZ

How does the process work?


 Our process has 4 steps: Schedule an appointment with one of our clothing consultants. We make things super easy by coming to your home or office. Choose your cloth, choose your design customizations, and get fitted.  This initial consultation takes about 1 hour.  In 5.5-6.5 weeks you will be contacted to schedule a final fitting where we will return to you for the final fitting, you will try on the finished garment and take it home that day.  In the event that alterations are needed we will happily do so.
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Why don't you offer discounts?

Truth is that the discount is already reflected in the retail price. We know it might feel like a better deal if you get a discount off the posted retail price, but that’s not our philosophy. We have eliminated all the middle men from our supply chain, we sell direct to the public, and we take unusually low margins compared to most retailers. We want to make bespoke luxury suiting  available to the masses at reasonable prices. If we were in the discount game we would have to raise our posted prices only to then run sales and promotions back down to our current prices. We aren’t interested in playing that game. We offer our prices at the lowest price we can and hope our clients can see the value.

How do I buy something?

if you are a new customer the only way to have the True Gentleman Experience is first-hand, so go ahead and schedule a fitting to meet your Personal Clothier today. We look forward to introducing you to the best way to buy clothing available!

If you are an existing customer you may shop on our website where we have all your measurements saved. If you are wanting to meet with your consultant to touch feel and smell our fabrics feel free to schedule a consultation we look forward to furthering our relationship.


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