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10 Unique Custom Suit Inspirations for the Groom

March 27, 2016

"What should a man wear on his wedding day?"

Renting a boring Tux or Suit is no longer an option for a wedding. Having a matching tie to bridesmaids, or debating between a simple color choice of gray, navy and black is taking the easy way out.

Having a matching tie to bridesmaids, or debating between a simple color choice of gray, navy and black is taking the easy way out.

Today, you can wear something unique for your wedding. At True Gentleman, we grant you that freedom!

Why should the bride get to spend thousands of dollars on a dress that she will wear once, you should be able to splurge on a luxury custom suit that will last you a lifetime. Not only can you be unique in your ensemble but it will always be a great reminder of that special day.

When you buy a men's custom bespoke suit from True Gentleman for your wedding or your bride gives you the suit as your wedding gift this is an opportunity to be quirky and stylish - not just something plain that we have all seen before.

There are many formal things patterns and colors that will be a one of a kind that will look amazing next to the beautiful bride and bridesmaids.

If you are the type of person who wants a super classy wedding and wants nothing but the best in luxury, True Gentleman can work with your whole wedding party suiting each individual up and matching every thread and button to the entire wedding party.

Here are a few of our favorite looks we expect to see much more of throughout 2017.

1. Gingham Suit or Blazer

Many grooms fear this will be too loud when in all reality the ones who try it wear it all the time, and its the perfect amount of uniqueness without taking away from the brides dress.

Gingham Suit Blazer blue green 

2. Elope in a Blazer

If you are going to Elope at least wear an unforgettable blazer.
Blazer houndstooth custom suit from TG supply                   














3. Salmon for your Sweetheart

Every time I wear this suit guys and girl all love it. It's the one suit that no one thinks they can pull off but in reality, everyone can.

Salomon mens custom suit and blue checkered dress shirt

Stay fresh with a coke and a salmon custom suit!utah wedding with a true gentleman suit and utah photo booth bus

Side note: Rent the Photo Booth Bus for your wedding, they bring the props and your guests have a memorable time at your wedding! 

4. Burgundy Beauty

Burgundy is usually my favorite accent on every suit but has recently become a very trendy and awesome suit all by itself.

maroon and black tie gq wedding photo

5. Simply Electric Blue

This electric blue is way more fun than Navy. Suit fabrics in this color also range from cost effective to super luxurious.

electric blue suits photo by jessica janae blue custom tux with black bow tie

6. Linens

A linen suit will be lightweight and breathable, perfect for those summer Arizona weddings. This is a great look for a beach or natural and boho glam wedding. Boho weddings have become super popular in that last few years. This custom linen suit is just for you, my friend. 

custom hipster suite with bug dress shirt print

7. Textures and Details

Textures Tweeds and tiny details make a huge difference in the outcome of your bridal pictures that you want to look GQ. This is a masculine look we love.

mens custom suit with textured gray and blue layersbespoke suit with tweeds

8. Retro

If your wedding is all about the Groom or Grooms go with a heavy pattern. This patterns will make you stand out when you are next to a gorgeous bride in a white dress. 

retro custom suitretro custom suit would have napolean dynamite jealous

9. Timeless

If you want the most timeless look black high and tight never looks bad. If you are still looking for a photographer contact Jessica Janae Photography, there is no one better in the business.

utah bride and grooms white dress - photo by jessica janaemens custom black tuxedo for a utah weddingbeautiful white gown and man in custom black tux with old blue ford card

    9. Sock Game

    Are you not sure if you can pull off a patterned suit or even one an electric color? Then accessorize and wear cool socks. Wearing socks that are wild, are a great way to show some flair. 

    Fun pink dress socks with your custom suit

    If you have a wedding that is coming up. Feel free to reach out to us!

    At True Gentleman, we want you to look your best. Your fitting for a custom bespoke suit is completely complementary.

    Schedule your FREE fitting with True Gentleman here.


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