Can Short Guys Look Good in Suits?


There are a lot of stereotypes about short men that aren’t always true. One of those stereotypes is that short guys can’t look good in a suit. While it is true that some short men have trouble finding a suiting style that works for them, there are plenty of great choices available if you know what to look for.

Many people think that tall men can look great in any suit. The reality is that even tall men have to worry about getting the right fit. If you are short, you will need to pay even more attention to your suits than tall men do in order to look great.

Here are some simple tips for how short men can look good in a suit:

1) Use the Perfect Length Jacket

best suit for short guys

Pay careful attention to the length of your jacket when you try on your suit. Short men will need to find jackets that are shorter in length than jackets intended for taller men. This ensures that they do not appear too bulky or boxy when they wear them.

2) Choose the Right Type of Suit for You

Just because you are short does not mean that you cannot wear a three piece suit. There are plenty of three piece suits on the market today that will make short men look great. However, if you prefer wearing a two piece suit, you will likely want to go with a slim fitting model so it does not make you appear too bulky.

3) Opt for the Right Trouser Rise

A high-rise suit is not for everyone, but if you’re on the shorter side and want to add a few inches to your height, this is a good option.

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