How to Choose the Right (Men’s) Hat and Make a Statement


Men’s hats have a long historical background. The Ancient Greek Petasos is largely regarded as the pioneer of wearing the brimmed hat. It was believed to be firstly introduced in Thessaly, a part of Greece known for its fearsome cavalry.

After a few thousand years, we get a dazzling variety of brimmed hats varying from the broad fedoras worn by goofy middle-aged fathers all across the world.

Now, let’s start discussing them for you to know how to choose what kind of hat is best for you.

Fedora Hat

The fedora is usually constructed of straw or wool. Its crown has grooves at the top of its crown as well as on either edge of the anterior part and is commonly surrounded by a band. The brim is at least 2.5 inches wide but can be considerably wider.

If you are a person who likes blazers and hacking jackets, it could be a great option for you. Fedora hats go well if you make your outfit as prime as you can. This is the ideal hat for such a traditionally inclined gentleman.

A fedora or trilby can add a touch of sophistication to a casual suit, while a classic bowler or derby can complement a more formal look.

Panama Hat

The toquilla plant, which can be exclusively found in Ecuador’s rainforests, is used to make this men’s hat. The basic guideline for Panama hats is that the thinner the fibers, the greater the hat’s quality.

The Panama hat might be perfect for you if you want to make a bold statement in the summer or if you live in a hot region throughout the year. It’s a men’s hat that doesn’t only block the sun out but also prevents your head from getting hot. The weave’s porous nature allows air to flow back and forth.

Boater Hat 

The Boater features a somewhat circular and squashed crown with a plain or patterned ribbon around it. The brim, like the crown’s top, is plain. It may be on the verge of being antique, however, it is a completely appropriate summer hat. In fact, its rarity might send a more impactful statement than a Panama hat.

Pork Pie Hat

This hat first appeared as a women’s hat in the 1830s, but it was adopted by males at the turn of the century. The pork pie hat got its name from how it looked. The crown is shaped like a pork British pie, with a round clutch lining the flat top. It also has a brim that is tilted up towards the edges.

Although the Porkpie may be crafted of a range of materials, such as felt and straw. If you like this kind of look, you may develop a wardrobe that can be worn in all seasons and with several pieces of clothing. Men’s dress hats like this are timeless, adaptable, and fashionable.

Flat Cap

The flat cap is generally composed of wool, but tweed and cotton are sometimes used. It has a rounded look and a soft, swollen crown. A small bill protrudes from behind the crown. On the top of the hat is a fabric button.

It is getting increasingly popular and now is an excellent moment to wear one. This is actually good for big and tall men’s hats of their choice. The flat cap may be used in the same situations and is an excellent addition to any outfit. Put it on as a finishing touch to give your outfit that extra look it requires.

Akubra Hat

Some consider it to be the same as the Fedora since they are similar in many aspects, including the felt structure, pinches, and general form of its brim and crown. The Akubra, on the other hand, is a significantly bigger hat, with a brim that is roughly 3 inches wide. If you are a fashionable man who appreciates outdoor activities, the Akubra is an excellent choice.

Baseball Cap

Do we need to say more? None of the men’s hats we’ve mentioned are as widely worn and used as the baseball cap. The hat has a round, ribbed crown with a button on top. There is also an extended bill at the front.

Baseball caps are the most casual hats in our collection. Due to its athletic origins, it is only typically worn in the most casual settings. Wearing this at the workplace or a job interview is highly discouraged, but enjoy it at a laid-back get-together with friends.

Final Thoughts

With the guide on how to choose the right hat, you can now start wearing the hat of your choice. But remember that when it comes to picking the right hat, wearing it with ease and confidence is important. Finally, if you feel positive wearing it, that’s probably the hat or cap you should buy.

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