Snapback vs Fitted Baseball Hat: Which Is Right for You?


Nowadays, baseball hats often make appearances in sports arenas and fashion runways, and understandably so. These headpieces marvelously combine function and style. Not only do they conceal your disheveled hair, but wearing one is also a way to showcase your loyalty to your favorite professional sports teams. Adding such a fashion piece to your wardrobe can also make you seem edgy and cool. 

There are various styles of baseball caps today, including a snapback and a fitted baseball hat. This begs the question: which is better between these two most coveted baseball hats? In this short rundown, we will be putting the snapback versus fitted cap debacle to rest! 

Snapback vs. Fitted Baseball Hats

FeatureSnapbackFitted Baseball Hat
AdjustabilityAdjustable strap in the backFixed to head size
ComfortLess comfortable due to adjustable strapMore comfortable due to custom fit
StyleClassic, casual lookSleek, modern look
PopularityPopular in the 90s and early 2000sPopular currently
Suitability for head sizeOne size fits allAvailable in specific head sizes
VersatilityCan be worn by people with different head sizesLimited to specific head sizes

Explore the dividing lines between these two men’s hats to know which is best for you. Without more ado, here are their differences, from style to function and versatility:

Front Panel

On the surface, the difference in their front panels is quite distinguishable. For one thing, the front panel of a traditional snapback is a bit firmer than that of a fitted baseball cap. Simply put, snapback hats are not easily folded or bent. On the contrary, fitted hats have a more malleable front panel.

Brim Angle

Another noticeable distinction between snapback vs. fitted caps is in their brim angles. With a 90-degree angle between the brim and the cap, a snapback cap has a wider brim angle than a fitted baseball hat. And thanks to this particular design, the front panel of a snapback hat can display a logo or a brand. 


What makes snapback hats and fitted caps distinct from one another also lies in the closure. The closure of a snapback is usually made from plastic. And as implied in its name, there are snaps at the back of a snapback hat to close it. Meanwhile, finding a fitted men’s baseball cap that is the perfect fit for you can be daunting as it really has no closure or snaps at the back. 


Considering the design of their closures, snapback hats are straight-up more versatile than fitted caps. You can easily adjust the size of a snapback baseball cap to fit your head perfectly. On the contrary, fitted baseball hats are not adjustable, unlike snapback caps. Although, they come in various head sizes, from small to extra large. You just have to pick the hat size that best suits you.


When it comes to style and fashion, each cap definitely has strong suits. Snapback hats are suitable for any informal or edgy style. When wearing a snapback, you can let your hair down or style it in a high bun and a ponytail. Meanwhile, you can easily pair a fitted baseball cap with fabulous outfits because it has a cleaner overall look. However, you can only wear your down or tie it in a low bun when you go for this style of cap.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right men’s hat can be difficult. The best thing to do is consider your needs and preferences. If you fancy a more informal vibe, wear a snapback cap. Conversely, a fitted hat is more suited when you love to dress up a bit. And if you want an easily adjustable and versatile cap, opt for snapbacks. All in all, both baseball caps are equally impressive headpieces.

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